What exactly is Publishing?

By definition:  The occupation or activity of preparing and issuing books, journals, and other material for sale.  In a nutshell, it is the availability of your creation to consumers.  This includes print media as well as digital media.


Questions and Roadblocks…always in the way it seems. Chances are, you don’t have the time to research options much less, engage them.  Wouldn’t you like to have more time to create and less worry time about publishing it? And how is an indie artist going to be published?  Doesn’t it cost a lot of money up front?

Is your head spinning yet?

Transmedia Storytelling is designing a story to unfold across multiple media — analog, digital and even brick-and-mortar — in an expansive rather than repetitive way. For comic creators, your “brick-and-mortar” would be comic-cons as well as comic stores.  And don’t limit this thought to your book only!

Consider other media to promote and tell your story…

RPG development
Action Figures/Dolls
and so much more!!!

This is the primary reason for Lewaine Publishing!

…to help steer you through the rough waters of trans-media publishing so you can spend more time bringing your dreams to life…

We are currently registered with Indy Planet and DriveThru Comics for Print On Demand (POD) sales.  Both offer digital sales in addition to POD sales.  We can load your comic and get you on the road to printed sales in no time.  It can be as soon as 24 hours to as late as 3-weeks out…proofing time and all.



2016 brings in additional new opportunities!! We will be adding Amazon registration through their digital publishing, Kindle, as well as Create Space. This will also enable us to eventually offer Comixology to our clients!

In addition to getting you set up with POD, we can also help you in establishing an e-commerce store on your personal website!

Why share over 50% profit to someone who has done less than 10% of the work?  Do you have digital sales?

Do you have print sales and inventory ready to ship?  That could be 100% your profit if sold from your own site!

piggy_bankYou’ve worked hard on your creation
so why let someone else reap more profit than you?


Well, there actually are reasons to list your stuff on third party sites as well as your own.  The primary one being EXPOSURE!  The more places you have your creation listed, the more people will find you!  So, don’t feel like you need to keep all your eggs in one basket.  Put work up on various sites with links back to your own site.  Use your site to sell, not only links to what is on the third party sites, but use it as your “EXCLUSIVE” sales.

Our goal is to help aspiring creators publish their dreams!

We aim to provide publishing solutions from zero out of pocket to minor investments.
CONTACT US today to see how we can work together!!!

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