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Lewaine Publishing offers WordPress sites that are artists friendly, whether you are an author, artist, comic creator, etc!!!  We will design a site that “brands” your creation and is user friendly for both you and your visitors.  You can be as  hands on or off as you feel comfortable with.  We realize that your time is better spent creating, not web design and set up.

Front End Design – What the Reader Sees…

Web Comic Sites!

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Do you create a comic?  Publish your pages/strips daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  It is your schedule!  Our top used publisher for our web comic sites is WebComic plug in for WordPress.  WebComic allows you to publish more than one comic…more than one issue…feature storylines and characters.  If set up with your PayPal account, it will even set up to sell your panels!  All from the published page on “your own website”!

Portfolio Sites!

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Are you an artist and need a portfolio site?  Create a website that showcases your art.  A good portfolio site will also have contact information and a blog…interaction with your fans!  Whether you want a slideshow upfront, a video, buttons or any other design we come up with, your site will be unique to you!

e-Commerce and Forum Sites!

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Have digital media to sell?  What better way to keep more profits than to sell them from your own website!  We can set you up with a full e-commerce site to handle digital media as well as tangible goods!  We also will show you how to add and modify your products and even place them on sale or create coupons!

Are you a gamer?  Do you need a forum for like minds to collaborate?  Do you want to write reviews?  Do you coordinate events?  Do you have “member” materials?  We design sites for that, too!

Design Pricing


Due to the nature of our business, we do not have “blanket pricing” for our site designs as our sites are not cookie-cutter templates.  Before we design any site, we consult with you on your needs and how you want your site to function.  From there, we can discuss pricing.  Our site designs start around $350 and go up.

(Note: Design fee is not the same has hosting/registration of your domain/website.)

Don’t delay, contact us today for your free consultation on how we can help you bring your dreams to life!

Back End Design – What You See…

Dashboard ‹ Lewaine Publishing — WordPressWordPress has a simple and well organized administrative dashboard.  Adding posts, media, galleries, etc are simple.  When we design a site for you, you will have access to step-by-step screen shots on how to manage your site.

Do you know where your internet traffic originates?  Who is marketing you?  Who is sharing and linking back?  The dashboard also gives you summary insights on the traffic your site experiences, searches, referrals, etc.

You will also receive a monthly email report to your Google Analytics for an in depth look at your site traffic and visitor pathways when you get a site with us!  You will get the inside look as to what is driving traffic to your site and what is most popular.

All sites are SEO optimized!!

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