We understand that today’s business world is an ever-changing environment. Let us help you bring your vision to life and get it in front of a global market.

We are a trans-media publishing house
for emerging artists and creative minds.

We have been around since 2007.  No, we are not your cookie cutter mass web service…you can not fill out a form, click some buttons, and voila have a template site.  We do not work that way.  Your art is unique to you and so should be your site.  We take care of the back end design and set up of your site…leaving you valuable time to continue being creative!  We will show you step by step how to add content, change and delete information, etc.  You will be as hands on to your site as you want.

Lewaine.com Publishing’s members bring an accumulation of:

  • 17 years of web design
  • 15 years of business and executive administration
  • 20 years of small business operations
  • 55 years of photography and graphic designservices

It has been a thriving passion of Lewaine, for as long as she has been in the workforce, to aide those striving for success.  Always looking for ways to simplify and improve process to achieve greater ends.  Through the desire to see her husband achieve his “childhood dreams”, step by step, Lewaine Publishing developed.  It is her philosophy that she succeeds when you succeed.  You are guaranteed to get 100% of what she can deliver to you!


One could say simply that our mission is to provide professional business, administrative and publishing services to small and independent story tellers.

To be a leading path
for Independent Creators!

We continuously strive to improve the quality of our products and services by not just settling on what we currently have, but always looking ahead for developing trends and options. Just as we support creative exploration, we are constantly expanding our own professional skills portfolio as well.

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