Why aren’t you using Comic Rocket?

Comic Rocket is a new breed of FREE webcomic reader that helps people find, follow, read and bookmark their favorite online comics as well as access their complete archives and connect with friends while doing it.

Comic Rocket is a growing index of 39,336 online comics. We link to creators’ sites exactly as they’re meant to be shown. Dive through the archives or read the latest page, and Comic Rocket will keep track of where you left off.

So, just how does COMIC ROCKET work?

Comic Rocket is a crowd-sourced indexing tool for users to find, read, bookmark and share their favorite webcomics. Users maintain reading lists that track their place in the archive of each comic as well as how many pages they have left to read.

Comic Rocket displays each comic with our navigation toolbar at the top of the page. Our nav tools maintain the reader’s place inside the index for the comic they’re viewing. Readers may also search for more comics with our search engine or via the Explore page. Users will also get recommendations shown to them based on their choices and other readers’ behavior. If they like the comics they are offered they can add them to their list and start reading immediately.

When readers find a new webcomic to read they can add it to our collection and we will begin indexing it and archiving it within the hour. If anyone, creator or reader, has relevant information about a webcomic they can add it to our database or edit what is already there. If the creator has banner graphics for their comic, or convention appearance and online store information, they can send that to us to upload as well. However, because users are adding comics all the time, Comic Rocket can’t notify creators that they have been added to the list. We do not control what comics our users add but we will remove any comic that its creator asks us to if they do not wish to be included by Comic Rocket.

Click to Read the PLEDGE to the CREATOR from Comic Rocket!

Click to Read the PLEDGE to the CREATOR from Comic Rocket!

And you say they help Creators? How?

Readers aren’t the only people to benefit from Comic Rocket. Creators, you will get exposure to a fast-growing, dedicated community who are all targeted consumers. Readers receive recommendations from the system based on user behavior but they also share comics they like with each other and the world via social media. Readers who might not otherwise try your comics will be encouraged to do so without having to discover you in the wild.

Join the Comic Rocket ad network!

  • What kind of ads will your readers see? They mix webcomic ads with general consumer ads. None of the ads will be adult or offensive.
  • It’s like a banner exchange that pays YOU!

  • How do I get in on this action? Make space on your site for a 160×600 or 728×90 ad box. Sign in with your Comic Rocket account. Complete the Publisher Agreement and Terms of Service. Install the code on your comic page(s). Get paid through PayPal!
  • Head on over to Comic Rocket today and get organized with new comics…and promote your own, too!



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