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ComixLogoSuzi Quazar started out as just a “dream project” for my husband, Jason Heath, back in February 2013.  It quickly developed into a husband/wife project and in less than two years, the multi-IP paths for Suzi has soared!  We were just planning to keep it all simple and create a comic book.  We are just wrapping up Issue 3 and discussing the “future” of Suzi!  Before I get into some of the choices we have in front of us, I would like to share some creator tips we have learned 🙂 !



Well, if you create a comic book…you may need to be prepared for later on merchandising possibilities.  Meaning…you don’t want the most awesome panel in your comic not be large enough to multi-use the piece.  Create your art large enough to come back and reuse later…i.e. shirt prints, posters, other media, etc…


Having a spare hard drive as your back up may be convenient for ease of access and download time.  However, it isn’t very safe if the back up drive shatters which held your archive of past issues!  Now the recreation work begins.  Spend a little extra dough and get a cloud server for your digital IP back ups!  We have used LIVE DRIVE for a couple years now…and it is worth every cent!  Not only does it have automated/scheduled back ups, but 2-5TB of cloud storage so you can access your working files no matter where you are!


If you use a WordPress based site, it will be to your advantage to use the plugin JETPACK.  One of their many features will help reduce some social networking for you.  One of their cool features, Publicize, makes it easy to share your site’s posts on several social media networks automatically when you publish a new post.  They currently post via FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Path.  With various updates, they are adding more social sites, so I am looking forward to this feature expanding.  And best of all?  It is FREE!


There are many other lessons and tips we have learned and we will share those at a later time.  For now, these are the three I want to focus on.  These three things essentially create time for you to be more creative!  Re-purposing your creations is like going shopping with a mega BOGO sale!  Always think ahead and preserve what you create.  Now, with all this “creative time” on hand, I am so excited to share some of the various upcoming projects we have on the table for Suzi!


Currently, there are plans for 10 issues of the comic book. When those are completed, they will be combined for a tradeback. In addition, the comic book is also being re-tooled to create the novelization of the story. It is my understanding that, just as in the comic book plan, there will be mini novels released by chapter then the compilation.  And all of this leads to the animation series!!!

I have been working on animating Suzi, much in the style of the Jonah Hex motion comics from DC. Instead of letting all the test footage go to waste, here is a grindhouse style trailer!
-Jason Heath

And yes, there are plans in the works for merchandise options as well.  We have discussed the typical t-shirts, posters, etc.  But Jason likes to do things uniquely…so he is working out some not so “average” merchandise plans…when we get more information on the fun tangible stuff, we will certainly post all about it.

T-shirt-mock-up-vol01-suziquazar-2 T-shirt-mock-up-vol01-suziquazar
These are just some concept designs…much more goodness coming your way soon!

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