Ms Marvel #4

MS. MARVEL (2014) #4 Book Cover MS. MARVEL (2014) #4
G. Willow Wilson
Super Heroine
May 28, 2014
Comic Book

Marvel’s breakout hit, Ms. Marvel, continues as Kamala Khan discovers the dangers of her newfound powers. • And unlocks a secret behind them as well. • Don’t miss the boldest (and adorable-est!) hero to make her Marvel debut!

MS. MARVEL #4 (G. Willow Wilson – Writer, Adrian Alphona – Art. Published by Marvel Comics)

Well, what can I say about Ms. Marvel that you probably haven’t heard or read elsewhere? The ongoing story of Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, has been excellent since issue one. I admittedly had some concern going into the series because it would be easy to push the “muslim” aspect of the character as a way to really push the idea that “see, all Muslims aren’t religious extremists” or whatnot. Fortunately G. Willow Wilson is a much better writer than that, and has instead developed Kamala Khan into a fun character who is learning that with great power comes great responsibility

Another reason to love this book, aside from Kamala’s personality, is the art. Adrian Alphona is so good, and where so many comics seem to want to be “realistic”, Alphona keeps his artwork cartoony, which is something I really appreciate. I mean, I like realistic looking styles just fine, but because Alphona’s artwork looks so different than what many Marvel and DC titles use, it really stands out.

Issue 4 is the first issue where we see Kamala (or Ms. Marvel) in action. Up until this issue the story has been about Kamala dealing with getting her powers and giving the reader some time to get to know the character and the supporting cast. While I understand that she’s a superheroine, it’s almost disappointing to have her act as one. I like getting to know her and her family and friends. I’m sure the villains and situations she finds herself in will be equally interesting, but the fact that they’ve got me so interested in the character’s non-hero identity is certainly a compliment to the creative team.

If you like mainstream superheroics with a sense of fun and optimism (and really playful artwork), I can’t recommend Ms. Marvel highly enough.

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