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A collaborative effort of Indie Creators!

d2g sealBeen kicking around ideas on how to provide affordable garment options to indie creators for many months. There are plenty of print on demand services that will sell your garment…but not at a “fan friendly price” nor at a price you can truly earn money. In addition, creators need to be able to afford merchandise for shows and promotional materials. To keep costs down, most require a minimum order that isn’t always an affordable option to the artist.

Direct 2 Geeks wants to set a higher standard…we want to be indie creator friendly by offering apparel at a price the artist can afford to purchase and resell as well as a price the fans can afford to love! Unlike silk-screening, DTG printing prints exactly what you create! This isn’t an iron on, but your image printed directly on the garment! No need to color separate or provide hard layers. Printing direct from the computer allows us to print one or many…all at the same price!

So, how do I expect this to work?

I am looking for artists that would like to contribute their work. No, I am not asking for something for nothing. You can provide any image to which you own the reproductive rights. This can be an exclusive art piece just for this campaign or a new art piece you are looking to sell.

Once the KickStarter is live, each contributor will need to share out the campaign via their social media outlets, personal website, etc. Obviously, the more contributing artists, the more traffic the campaign receives, the better chance for success. This step alone is a wonderful opportunity to fan share and expand your base, regardless of funding.

What happens when it funds?

We have calculated the costs of each rewards package upon funding to cover the cost of order fulfillment. We expect about 4-8 weeks from funding for shipments to begin. Currently we are projecting a campaign run time of March 15 – May 1.

artist kickstarter

For each reward package sold, the artist/creator of that package will receive a $1 credit with Direct 2 Geeks for a future order. (see example above) In addition, if successful in funding, we will also ship to the artist/creator a complimentary shirt of each image he/she submitted!

What services will Direct 2 Geeks offer if KickStarter is funded?

Depending on the success of this campaign, we will be offering full color apparel printing at an affordable cost direct to creators/artists and possibly other merchandise such as cups, stickers, etc.

If it surprises us with an overwhelming welcome response, we are looking to open a print on demand online store for our artists. We are also entertaining ideas on convention packages. And always taking suggestions on anything else our fabulous clients can dream up.


When is the KickStarter expected to launch?

The goal is to launch March 19 and let it run for 45 days. Yes, this is aggressive…but I have already seen first hand, how viral something in the art community can get when you want it bad enough. We will take artists and add them to the rewards package even after the launch date – NEVER TOO LATE!

You may be asking yourself at this point…”What’s in it for me after this funds?” Well, several things. First, you were able to network and share a common interest with other artists. Second, you got a really cool t-shirt(s) that you designed. Third, as being in on the ground floor of this project, you will be first in on any new services that we will offer at a special pricing break just for this elite group. If you go to conventions and shows, you need merchandise…that can make you a profit and that the fans can afford!

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, complete the form below. All information is kept confidential. Images must be 300dpi (rbg & cmyk accepted) and preferably png format for the transparent background. Upon receiving your request, we will send you an invite to a private dropbox for you to send your image.

The more the merrier…share with your artist friends and help us set a new standard in Indie Created goods!

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