Featured Artist: Ron Root

I have several wonderful and talented artists that I work with on a regular basis.  Some are clients, some are friends, and others I have managed to just blissfully stumble across.  I have sent 5 questions to various artists for a form of “virtual interview”.  We did miss a few months…cons kept so many artists busy!!!  So without further delay…our July Featured Artist of the Month:

Ron Root

LEWAINE PUBLISHING (LP):  What is your “key project”? How long have you been working on it? Synopsis?

RON:  My key project would be my graphic novel called EnemyStar. I have been working on this project for over 3 years. Most of this time in the conceptual art and storyline stages. I put a lot of historical research behind the story to give it roots in our own past as human beings.

EnemyStar Cover option 2The story is centered on a woman that is rediscovering what it is to be human in a harsh world taken over by an interstellar race that has supposedly created human beings at the dawn of civilization. Through this character we explore emotions, relationships, and the tenacious determination of the human spirit.

LP:  What is your favorite medium to work in? What is your best creation with that medium?

RON:  My favorite medium to work in is digital. I have a passion for digital illustration and painting. I really enjoy the freedom working in a digital medium. Allowing me to make quick changes without compromising the integrity of the original piece. I like getting into details on small aspects of an important art piece and creating unique textures for my paintings. Plus, it is cheaper than buying brushes, paints, and a myriad of other equipment needed for painting. However, I haven’t abandoned my traditional skills. Often I will quickly sketch up what I need and scan it in as an under-drawing for my digital work.

My best work would have to be some of the poster/ promotional work that I have done for clients. I like working with people on the same project. I enjoy the process of making something unique for someone who truly loves what they do and the artwork that represents it.

LP:  What are your hobbies?

RON:  I have a couple of hobbies that include special make up effects, sculpting, martial arts, and learning/ teaching history.

I have been a special make up effects artist on the side for over 10 years making all sorts of crazy creatures, characters, etc… I sculpt mostly in 3D using the program Pixologic ZBrush. Again, it’s the freedom I enjoy the most when working in this program.

I am a student of Kung Fu and I study Silat, Wing Chun, and others. I have studied Silat for a few years and am not getting more involved with Wing Chun. I love the philosophies and physical exercise.

Lastly, I am a history buff. Especially ancient history of Irish, Celtic (Gaelic) tribes, and ancient Roman.

LP:  To what do you contribute your success thus far?

RON:  I contribute my success so far to all those who have supported my work and have enjoyed my work as fans. You guys are the best! Without those who enjoy my work, there would be no work. Also, I would like to acknowledge all the teachers in my life. They have made a massive impact on I grow as an artist.


Home Page Button PORTFOLIOLP:  What are the three most valuable lessons/tips you have learned about being an artist, so far?

RON:  Some of the most valuable tips I have gotten throughout my career as an artist have been:

to never give up-ever,

practice your art like its kung fu-everyday,

and always do your research-always.


Ron, thank you for taking the time to visit with me regarding your art life and allowing LP to be a part of your world.  Your works are amazing…from a soft and subtle image to a harsh realistic, horrific image; you can certainly nail it!   I also look forward to EnemyStar Comic!!



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