Website Workout

Is your website working for you?

Do you know where your traffic originates from?

Knowing where visitors find your site can help you target a market.  Think about it…if the majority of the visitors to your site come from Facebook, then you don’t want to spend a lot of investment in Pintrest.  Is your visitor count from direct visits, referrals from other sites (and which ones), or from search engines.

Is your site search engine friendly, seo optimized?

Search engine optimization is a key step in ensuring fans can find your site.  Your seo should be built using primary industry key words as well as custom ones that represent you…thus allowing you in the “common” pool and keep your own identity.  For example, say you are a comic artist out of Omaha, NE.  You would obviously want to use keywords for “comic artist” but you would also include, location and tags.  [more on seo optimization in a separate upcoming entry]

Do you know how long visitors stay on your site?  What is your bounce rate?

First off, a bounce rate is how fast someone lands on your page…and “bounces” back out.  A low bounce rate indicates that the visitors landing on your site are there to read your pages.  A high bounce rate can indicate improper seo settings causing your page to be found in unrelated searches.  Do you know what path visitors take when viewing your site?  Learning the path of your visitors can help you create content that keeps them coming back for more, learn what your readers like, as well as what page they left on.


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