What’s in a website?

Is your website a showcase?

Does your website show off your talents?

Your website should be a portfolio of what you are.  Whether your field is visual arts (photography, artist, painter, etc), musician, actor, author, etc., your website should be a representation of your “talents”.  Your site should have a portfolio/gallery page showing relative photographs/samples of your work.  If you like to write and share/interact with your “fans”, then you should have a “blog” page.  Again, as a professional page, this should contain information pertaining to your talents, interests, etc.  Keep it clean and in topic.  Also consider and “about” page.  This should give a history of who you are, career inspirations, previous events/awards/teachings, etc, and even a a little of where you would like to journey.  It is a good practice to include a picture of yourself in the about section…keeping just a small personal touch.

Is it visitor friendly?

Your site (free or owned) is your virtual resume!  Your landing page should have easy navigation to the highlights of your site.  Your highlights would include, newest items (blog, art, store, etc), portfolio, store, gallery, etc.  Think about using a slider or random image/post highlight to keep your landing page current.  Get creative with text/images to create buttons to where your visitors are most likely to go!  Keep it clean and easy to read.

Is your site mobile friendly?

Society is geared towards instant access to information and is only increasing with the use of mobile devices.  Responsive designs are flexible in content sizing to optimize the mobile experience.

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